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Enabling Smart Business Decisions and Strategies

Endeavor Business Intelligence delivers critical research to identify customer challenges, understand brand perception, keep up with industry trends, and benchmark yourself against the competition.

Why Endeavor Business Intelligence

60+ Years of Research Experience

60+ years of B2B and B2C quantitative and qualitative research experience offers a unique perspective on gaining the most profound insights and delivering meaningful intelligence.

150 In-House Subject Matter Experts

In-house subject matter experts fuel analysis and ensure valid results by understanding the trends and challenges impacting the surveyed professionals.

Engaged and Rich B2B Audience Database

Endeavor Business Media has an engaged and rich B2B audience database of 12 million in key industry verticals.

Companies that conduct frequent research grow up to70% faster and are almost 50% more profitablethan firms that don’t.

Research & Intelligence Services

Advertising, Logo & Tagline Testing

Refine messaging and ensure ads are building interest.

Brand Perception

Understand how your brand, product, and solution are perceived.

New Product Development

Leverage market research when developing a new product.

Customer Experience

Identify experiences and behaviors that build loyal customers.

State of the Market

Qualitative insight and a deep dive into perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors.

Industry Insights

Use market trends to develop thought leadership around a specific industry topic.

Conversational Analytics

Analyze and benchmark online conversational data.

Custom Research

Work with our experts to build a custom B2B market research program that meets your specific business goals.

In-Person Focus Group

Gather B2B insights from a lively group discussion led by a moderator.

Virtual Focus Group

Leverage research to create an immersive storytelling experience.

Virtual In-Depth Interview

Gain detailed insights from decision makers.

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Our Recommendations


Harness the power of 1st party data and expert analysis

Our experts will guide your team through the entire research process, from survey development to an in-depth report. Through this collaboration, our subject matter expert will highlight key findings from the survey and offer insightful analysis, placing your company at the forefront of hot-button topics.

Customer Benefits
  • Provides valuable insights to your executives, marketing, product, and sales teams
  • Strengthens your thought-leadership position with customers and prospects
  • Generates qualified leads with a high-value asset
  • Creates the opportunity for additional content marketing when paired with a webinar, StoryDesign, infographic, or other related assets
State of the Market
Ad Logo Tagline Testing


Make a strong impression that resonates with your target audience

Crafting an ad that gets attention and delivers your message in a memorable way is a delicate combination of art and science. Our experienced research consultants use qualitative and quantitative methods to focus on the ad’s message clarity and ability to gain attention, create interest, and assess a logo’s or tagline’s memorability and effectiveness.

Customer Benefits
  • Utilizes focus groups, survey methodologies, or a combination of both to understand the market’s reaction and measure the ad’s effectiveness
  • Allows for the incorporation of visuals such as images, videos, logos, screenshots, and other graphic design elements into the survey
  • Helps refine messaging or test the effectiveness of logo design or tagline
  • Assures that ads are building interest among target audiences


Gain deep insight into the customer experience and build loyalty with your audience

You need to understand the customer experience to ensure your company delivers the quality of experience that builds loyalty among your users. Our Customer Experience Research is made to measure and identify experiences and behaviors that create loyal customers, enabling your company to address concerns and build on strengths.

Customer Benefits
  • Utilizes online surveys to create maximum anonymity for respondents, encouraging honest, insightful feedback
  • Builds a strong understanding of customers’ perceptions of your company
  • Enables customization for each client or industry to assure specific insights along with standard experience questions that are universal across industries
Customer Experience
New Product Development


Successfully launch a product with a two-phased research process

Build an insurance policy against market failure by getting feedback regarding your product concept, its benefits, features, barriers, price point, and even the overall competitiveness of the market through New Product Development Research. Our research consultants use a combination of qualitative insights and quantitative measurements to help your new product succeed or save the investment on a product that will likely fail.

Customer Benefits
  • Provides detailed insights into the wants, unmet needs, product benefits, and the competitive environment through consultant-led, in-depth interviews (IDIs)
  • Utilizes an online survey of the target market after exploratory qualitative research, resulting in confident measurement and statistical reliability
  • Builds a deeper understanding of the market’s perception of your product in the concept or updating/revision stages

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Our Brands

American School & University

Insights for the Evolving $300B+ Education Facilities Market

Facilities, Superintendents, Architects and Operations Personnel

Architectural Products

Products & Trends for Moving Design Forward

Architects, Designers, Engineers, Specifiers, Contractors & Corporate Management


Commercial Building Operations and Modernization Know How

Building Owners and Facility Professionals

Contracting Business

Business Mastery and Technical Know-How for HVACR Professionals

Owners, Service & Sales Managers, Leaders of HVAC Contractors


Product & Insight for Leading Edge Plumbing & Mechanical Contracting

Managers & Decision Makers of Plumbing & Mechanical Contracting Firms


Trusted Insights for the $1B+ Electrical Systems Market

Electrical Contracting Decision Makers, Executives & Managers at Engineering Firms

Electrical Wholesaling

Analysis, Trends and Insights for the $100B Electrical Marketplace

Electrical Wholesaler & Distributor Executives & Business Leaders

HPAC Engineering

Shaping the Future of Mechanical & Building Automation Systems

Managers, Engineers, Designers, Facility Engineers & Management


Commercial Interior Design Trends, Aesthetics and Insights

Interior Designers, Architects & Executives