Data Driven Marketing

Leverage Intelligence for Better Results

Leverage data and insights to better understand customers, optimize marketing efforts, and achieve higher ROI and long-term success in a competitive marketplace.

Data & Intelligence Improves Marketing Results


Utilize our robust audience data set to deliver personalized messages through content to your ideal prospects.

Continued Exposure

Access our global audience by surfacing a mixture of your content throughout the buyer’s journey and content consumption cycle.

Multi-Channel Reach

Deliver precise messaging across our industry websites and directly into your target prospects’ inboxes, all within the same campaign.

Increased Conversion Rates

Data driven marketing allows us to profile and identify high-quality prospects more likely to convert when in your marketing funnel.


Our campaign specialists will leverage the power of marketing automation by deploying continuous A/B testing throughout your entire campaign.

Insight to Action

Take advantage of our detailed and insightful reports to improve future campaign performance and influence your other digital marketing initiatives.

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Our Recommendations


Precision Targeting, Powered by Machine Learning

Reach your target audience by serving them timely recommendations based on behavior insights and content consumption trends. We surface your content/products across all our related editorial content based on the audience’s interests and the content they are currently viewing.

Customer Benefits
  • On-site recommendations run parallel to highly relevant content

  • Content is served in prominent areas of the site that have been highly tested for click performance

  • Content displayed to the audience is automatically adjusted based on user interests and engagements

  • Real-time optimization always surfaces your best-performing content/products across our entire site

  • Push marketing is based on personalized and recommended content

  • Robust report showcases content engagement and recommendations

  • Turnkey approach—We take care of the marketing, personalization, and optimization
Audience Extension


Audience-based targeting using our first party data and website visitors

Extend your reach and stay in front of your most valuable prospects with audience-based targeting using our first party data and website visitors. Utilizing thousands of sites across the web, your campaign is displayed multiple times various on websites, displaying ONLY to those that fit your targeted profile.
Customer Benefits
  • Spending your ad budget targeting people you want to reach on the sites they actually visit
  • Increasing the number of times a prospect sees your ads to grow brand awareness
  • Shortening the amount of time it takes for prospects to build enough trust to make a buying decision
  • Increasing lead generation conversions by promoting your premium content  


Build your company’s brand, drive website traffic, and increase sales through LinkedIn and Facebook

We’ll manage your campaign using a single image, carousel, or video and create targets based on website visitors, our first party data, or by creating lookalike profiles. These names are active users that are currently within various phases of the buyer’s journey, where they are reading content and making purchases. Our dedicated project management team creates a turnkey approach that manages the social setup, optimizes your campaigns, and provides monthly reporting.

Customer Benefits
  • Higher CTR% using Facebook and LinkedIn than standard banner ads
  • Reaching an active, qualified target audience using our first-party data and lookalike names
  • Increasing the number of times a prospect sees your ads, growing brand awareness
  • Shortening the amount of time it takes for prospects to build enough trust to make a buying decision
  • Increasing lead generation conversions by promoting your premium content  
  • Can easily be added to any email or marketing campaign for wider exposure
  • Our turnkey approach saves you time managing campaigns—you only provide the creative
Social Targeting
Connected TV


Reach your B2B audience through connected TV and streaming apps

Promote your brand where people are already engaged through a 15- or 30-second video placement. Create brand awareness across multiple mediums to announce new product introductions, promote special offers, or gain an advantage over competitors.

Customer Benefits
  • Target audience based on your preferred business/industry descriptions, NAICs codes, or company name/company domain targets
  • We create an audience pool and give you a monthly forecast of impressions that can be served in a month
  • Reporting at the end of your campaign that will include impressions served, quartile, half- and full-plays data
  • Shortening the amount of time it takes for prospects to build enough trust to make a buying decision

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Our Brands

American School & University

Insights for the Evolving $300B+ Education Facilities Market

Facilities, Superintendents, Architects and Operations Personnel

Architectural Products

Products & Trends for Moving Design Forward

Architects, Designers, Engineers, Specifiers, Contractors & Corporate Management


Commercial Building Operations and Modernization Know How

Building Owners and Facility Professionals

Contracting Business

Business Mastery and Technical Know-How for HVACR Professionals

Owners, Service & Sales Managers, Leaders of HVAC Contractors


Product & Insight for Leading Edge Plumbing & Mechanical Contracting

Managers & Decision Makers of Plumbing & Mechanical Contracting Firms


Trusted Insights for the $1B+ Electrical Systems Market

Electrical Contracting Decision Makers, Executives & Managers at Engineering Firms

Electrical Wholesaling

Analysis, Trends and Insights for the $100B Electrical Marketplace

Electrical Wholesaler & Distributor Executives & Business Leaders

HPAC Engineering

Shaping the Future of Mechanical & Building Automation Systems

Managers, Engineers, Designers, Facility Engineers & Management


Commercial Interior Design Trends, Aesthetics and Insights

Interior Designers, Architects & Executives