Michael Roth Showcases the Digital Power Explosion

With digital controllers, energy storage, alternative fuels, advances in paralleling and more, power generation rental enters a promising new era. Generators are among the most widely rented pieces of equipment in the rental industry. Most general rental companies have at least some in their fleet and are certainly capable of helping customers to rent basic small commercial generators required to take care of essential power needs when the lights go out or to power basic operations on a construction site.

But it’s a long way from knowing how to rent those basics to becoming a generator specialist or to powering major events or to be able to respond to complicated needs in the middle of a hurricane or in response to other natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornados, excessive heat waves, ice storms or floods.

And while the basic essentials of how to operate a generator and how to help a customer set up a generator probably haven’t changed too much over the years, many applications are becoming more challenging. A lot of technology is evolving, and this article will try to shine a light on some of the trends and changes in the power generation industry.

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