Electrical Wholesaling Hits the Century Mark

Celebrating 100 years of Delivering Analysis, Trends and Insights for the Electrical Marketplace

Business publishing serves an important role in helping decision making professionals find accurate and trusted content, it creates opportunities for connections with industry experts that have deep knowledge to share and provides a go to source for finding information that has application to very specific needs. For 100 years, nearly the beginning of the electrification of the country, though all of the change and innovation that has brought us today’s modern electric products and systems, Electrical Wholesaling has been there, serving the market with invaluable information, delivering critical management, marketing and sales know-how to electrical distributor executives and salespeople.

Jim Lucy, Director of Content, reflects on the changes that have transformed the electrical market over the past 100 years and what is in store for the next century.

Since our first issue was published in April 1920, Electrical Wholesaling has introduced electrical distributors, independent manufacturers’ reps and electrical manufacturers to the people and companies behind the new technologies, acquisitions and management, marketing and sales strategies that have reshaped the electrical wholesaling industry.

Electrical Wholesaling ensures that electrical distribution professionals are up to date on the latest analysis, trends, new market opportunities and sales techniques that are driving the over $120 billion electrical market. EW’s high-value content such as Top 200 Distributors, Electrical Price Index and Market Planning Guide provides senior leadership of electrical product manufacturers, manufacturers’ agents, NAED member firms and other electrical distributors, insights on the latest market trends, strategies and products that are driving transformation.

Visit the Electrical Wholesaling website and catch up on the latest electrical market insights.

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